Partnership Criteria

We believe that success in seed and sponsorship investment is largely based on partnering with groups led by strong management teams who are proven investors and capable fundraisers. Experience, strategy, and track record are critical factors for success in any new fund launch we support.

Management Team – We target underlying managers that have significant experience in their respective sectors. We place considerable weight on the reputation of the key professionals, their commitment to the fund, and their ability to successfully work together as a team through various market cycles.

Investment Strategy – We seek to partner with underlying managers that have a differentiated, repeatable, and clearly defined investment strategy. Furthermore, we look for managers that are either focused on an underserved market or that apply a differentiated approach in a well-established market.

Track Record – We place a particular emphasis on a track record of delivering strong risk-adjusted returns under various market conditions. We conduct extensive diligence on our underlying managers’ track record and the respective attribution of individual team members.

For Gatewood, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors are important to our investment decision and remain so throughout the life of our investment. If needed, our team works closely with each underlying manager to implement an ESG policy that is best suited for their respective strategies.